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Seasonal Ayurveda


Have you taken an Introduction to Ayurveda Workshop and are ready to learn more?

Are you ready to UPLEVEL your health to experience THRIVE and BODY INTEGRITY?

Eager to learn how to use the ancient wisdom to harness the power of the seasons to feel in sync, in rhythm and find your groove?

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Ayurveda gives us specific suggestions for how to balance our mind and body with the seasons. That's why we offer seasonal 1 day workshops that allow you to dive deep and learn EVEN MORE of this lifestyle science. In community with other folks who are dedicated to their health and wellness, just like you are.

Offered each October, January, April, and July


What will I get out of this?

-More consistent energy

-Deep, restful sleep

-Your ideal weight for your body type

-Clarity of thinking- no more brain fog

-Stabilized moods and energy levels

-Optimal digestion

-Be free of chronic illness and auto-immune disease

PLUS an amazing community of like minded people ready to connect on a deep level

You will have ALL the tools you need to take back your health and be the healthiest person you know. 

This is the last health advice you'll ever need.

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Sample event schedule

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9 - 9:30 

Registration & Tea

Meet and Greet

Intentions & Introductions

9:30 -11:30

Led by Kimber:

Review- What is Ayurveda

Recommendations for the Seasons

Interactive Group Activity

Guided Seasonal Meditation

11:30 -12

Cooking Class

12 -1


1 -2

Guest Teacher

2 - 3:30

Yoga Class

3:30 - 4

Closing Circle

Next event will be Oct. 2020

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Who is leading the event?

Kimber, the founder of Moksha. Check out my story here! I have been studying yoga & ayurveda for 10 years so that you can experience the radical shifts in help that I did. I overcame an auto-immune chronic illness using only ayurveda!

I thought ayurveda was like going to the doctor?

It can be! But at Moksha, we focus on daily lifestyle habits and shifts that allow you to experience phenomenal health through prevention!

I don't have time to change my routine!

What is costing you to not have the energy and health to do the things you love? Are you willing to continue your imbalances and not uplevel your health?

How do I know this will help me?

Ayurveda is an ancient vedic science that has been around for over 4,000 yrs. That's because it works!

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

 All meals will be vegetarian. Gluten free and vegan can be accommodated. 

How much does it cost?

You will receive a full workshop ($149 value), a guided meditation and yoga class ($45), and a cooking class and meal ($75) PLUS the wisdom of a guest teacher.ALL for only $249.