Summer Invigoration Retreat

rejuvenation. connection. new beginnings

Are you ready to nourish creation, divine intention, and your unique abilities to craft the best version of YOU! All while deepening your yoga and meditation practice. We will talk habit science and psychology so you can start to design the next evolution of yourself. What does that person value? How do they spend their time?

We will help you answer these questions so you can start that growth path. Feel stuck no longer!

June 26- 28th, 2020 

Cabins at Sandy Mush Bald

Rustic yoga/meditation retreat to reclaim your inner wild!


What about Covid-19?

Just like you, we are concerned about the current pandemic and want to limit its spread. We will limit the retreat to 10 participants, wear masks indoors, and the cabins will be sanitized before our arrival. We want you to be safe and still get to spend time outdoors connecting to nature and your practice. We are confident we can do that safely. Email us if you have more questions. 

Learn more about the cabins here

Cabins at Sandy Mush Bald in the peaceful mountains of Western North Carolina outside of Asheville. Location for Moksha Yoga and Wellness' summer yoga retreat. This rustic hike-on cabins are the perfect place to relax and drop into your yoga practice

So, What's our retreat about?

Kimber Jones- one of the yoga teacher retreat leaders at Moksha Yoga & Wellness for their summer yoga retreat in the peaceful mountains outside Asheville in Western North Carolina

Let's be honest, are you feeling:
-Ready to dive deep but don't where to start?
-Feel like something is missing from your yoga and meditation practices?
-Looking for a nourishing container to deeply rejuvenate yourself from the busy expectations of summer?
-Ready to GET OUTSIDE after quarantine?

I was once there, too.

After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory disease of your colon. imagine IBS but exponentially worse) in 2012, I thought my future centered around steroids, bi-annual colonoscopies, and eventual surgical removal of my colon.

Enter yoga and Ayurveda stage right.

Do you feel good after getting off your mat? Ever wanted to dive deeper and expand that post-class bliss to encompass your entire everyday existence? That's where we are here to share with you our life-longs journeys with the ancient healing practices of yoga and Ayurveda. The past 7 years have been an all hands on deck learning experience to understand the ancient teaching and translate them into your modern life.

Do you have big dreams and goals that feel out of reach? This simple retreat is the first step in grounding yourself in your own integrity, and making peace with your body.

When we don't feel nourished, energized, clean, and clear,
we can't create,
we can't collaborate,
we can't make the difference we were meant to in this world.

So whether physical or mental, emotional, spiritual, we've stood at those roadblocks to a bigger, better, self, and we want to help you through them. Use the practices of yoga and ayurveda to cure chronic illness, chronic fatigue, or maybe just the chronic feeling of knowing you were meant for something bigger.

How do we know this will happen?
Kimber has been totally symptom free for the past 3 years.

What will I get out of this experience?

Retreat mini-workshops and activities include:

Ayurveda: Intro the ancient science, 10 Habits of a Yogi

Meditation: Intro to vipassana method, intro to Metta (loving kindness) meditation, how to apply mindfulness practices to your daily life

Yoga: Pranayama (breath practices), alignment workshops, yoga for your dosha, how to enhance your home practice.

Self-reflection, shadow work, and radical acceptance and honesty. 

Do your Yoga and Ayurveda Dreams feel bigger than your pocketbook?

That's why we've created this retreat, to allow those with big dreams to access our most powerful and transformative lessons. We want to propel onto a lifelong spiritual learning path. You won't find any other retreat with 3 workshops ($150 value), 5 yoga classes ($90 value), and 3+ guided meditations ($54 value) healthy local food, and full accommodations ($240) for this price. We want this wisdom to be accessible. Use the power of a group of likeminded practitioners who can support, you challenge you, and propel your inner awakening and growth. 

Who is leading this experience?


Kimber was introduced to yoga and ayurveda in 2011 after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Since 2018, she is completely off of all pharmaceuticals and totally symptom free. Her ayurvedic lifestyle is full of rhythm, ease, and continual growth. She hopes to share this knowledge with her students and connect them to the ancient sciences in a modern and meaningful way. She completed her 200 hr teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center. She relishes in the mind body connection and yoking of opposites yoga provides. She also completed a NCSF personal training certification. She is working towards an Ayurvedic wellness counselor certification and her 500 hr RYT certification through Asheville Yoga Center. She practices meditation daily in the vipassana tradition.


Kat discovered yoga after recovering from two wrist injuries from competitive gymnastics. Kat searched for an activity that incorporated both strength and flexibility with more intentional body care. Kat fell in love with yoga’s ability to incorporate this awareness and provide a practice available to anyone regardless of their limitations. Kat completed a 200-hour Hatha Flow teacher training in Austin, Texas from Yoga Yoga in 2015. Since then, she has taught in different settings including gyms, studios, hotels, and mental health facilities. Kat’s passion for yoga and movement led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina. She hopes to integrate yogic principles in her treatment sessions, specifically strategies to aid in anxiety and stress reduction.

Take this time to integrate ancient wisdom that will allow you to:

-Take a deep look inward and come out on the other wise stronger and ready to up level your wellbeing and your life
-Take the tools of yoga and meditation to create a more easeful and aligned life full of body and mind integrity

Who is this retreat for: 


Those who RELISH time spent outdoors, without the distractions of technology. Those who already have a yoga practice, but want to go DEEP. Those who want to learn more of the ancient practices and are looking for a TRANSFORMATIVE experience in a supporting, nourishing, and safe community 

Things to know:

These are RUSTIC accommodations- We are staying in a bunk room all together and will share one bathroom (has hot shower and flushing toilet!). But don't worry, plenty of alone for introverts to recharge will be available. The cabins do not have electricity. There is a wood burning stove for heat. Most major cell carriers have service. Healthy, simple, vegetarian meals are included. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated except celiac.


You MUST hike in. So pack light, and be prepared for a 2.5 mile climb up the mountain. The hike normally takes 1 hr- 1 hr 15 mins depending on the weight of your pack. The hike is STEEP and considered moderate/strenuous.

Retreat schedule



Hike up to cabins


Intros and Intention Setting




Culture Building & Awakening Your Inner Desires Activity


Gentle Yoga Asana Practice



Optional Mediation




Hike to Bald


Yoga Asana Practice






Intro to Ayurveda Workshop






Yoga: Workshop Q&A style


Hike back to cabins


Free time




Body Thrive- 10


Habits from Yoga & Ayurveda

Gentle Yoga Asana Practice



Optional mediation




Group Metta Mediation




Goodbye/Gratitude Circle



Goodbye/Gratitude Circle



Hike back

Ready to reinvigorate those dreams and identities?

Ready to start tackling inventing the next best version of you

Because you deserve to be the best you, and the world deserves to receive it. Let's jump start your home yoga and Ayurveda practices to evolve the next version of yourself. 

Just $449 meals and accommodations included. 

That's only $449 for 5 yoga classes, 3+ guided meditations, and 3 workshops! ($534 value!)

Register by April 25th and receive $50 off!

Refer a friend and you both receive $50 off!