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While your waiting on the email to arrive, I wanted to see if you are the no nonsense, get straight to it type of person. 

If you're ready to dive straight it, I wanted to let you know about my Ayurveda Basics Workshop. 

It's a full 90 mins of info that will get you comfortable and able to use the basics of ayurveda so you can be the healthiest person you know. 

In this 90 min workshop we will cover:

  • An in-depth look at the doshas and determine yours!

  • How to know the difference between your dosha and your imbalance

  • How to balance when any of the 3 doshas get out of whack

  • Top 5 tips for stellar digestion

  • The daily routine of a yogi

Plus- you'll also get these free BONUSES!

  • Companion PDF workbook

  • Dosha Cheat Sheet- list of all the qualities of the 3 doshas and how to balance them. 

  • Bonus video on "Doshas of the Mind" (ONLY available through this workshop- I don't teach this anywhere else!)

Ready for the last health advice you'll ever need? ➡️