1-on-1 Healing

You're finally sick and tired enough of your own crap that you're willing to do something about it. Hallelujah! 

Whether it's migraines, allergies, asthma, or acid reflux, you're ready to quit just dealing with the annoying, inconvenient symptoms and finally know how to DO something about them. But there's an overwhelming amount of information out there- I'm here to make it simple. To take out the guess work and research, and show you what does work- because I've been trying it all in my body the last 10 years.  

When you've tried everything, your doctor is no help, and you're ready to do whatever it takes to feel better- I'm here. 

I'm here now because I've been there before. I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 21 years old. I would spend the afternoons in my dorm room rushing to the bathroom multiple times an hour. I wasn't hiking, riding horses, all of my favorite things. I wasn't doing much of anything actually, for fear that I would have to 💩

Now, my colitis has been in remission for 5 years. Most days, I totally forget that I even have this Western diagnosis. 

My story can be your story, too.

A lot of us are told my western medicine and society what is "normal", but I'm here to tell ya, "common" should not be confused with "normal". Popping peptobismol, tums, and tylenol multiple times a week is common, but should not be normal. Lots of gas, burps, but not pooping every morning? Struggling to fall asleep and waking every morning between 2-4am? That doesn't have to be your reality!

I have ten years of using myself as the test study. Experimenting. Refining. You will get all my resources in holistic health, yoga, meditation, fitness, and wilderness skills. I'm a 500 hr registered yoga teacher, certified personal trainer, and life-long student (and nerd) of ancient wisdom. Like, my bookshelf would intimidate most people. 

When you're ready, like really really ready, because that's the only time I'm going to work with you, we can work holistically, preventatively, and individualistically to heal your body's imbalances. All I want for you is to be radically healthy. Like the healthiest person you know. Like you didn't know you could feel this good kind of healthy. 



Kiersten's story:

I am enormously grateful for the physical and emotional benefits that Ayurveda has brought me. Kimber was the conduit for this ancient, intuitive wisdom and I can’t imagine a more patient and thoughtful teacher! I moved to the humid, lush climate of North Carolina five years ago. Shortly after arriving, I developed chronic post-nasal drip. My western doctor diagnosed this as asthma and prescribed me a daily steroidal inhaler to reduce my symptoms. After years of being dependent on this pharmaceutical to treat my symptoms with no end in sight, I decided I wanted to heal the root cause of my illness. 

Kimber at Moksha helped me understand that I was experiencing an imbalance of “kapha,” which encompasses the slow, moist, and oily qualities responsible for mucus production. Too much kapha meant that my body was overproducing mucus, leading to persistent congestion. With Kimber’s empathetic guidance and support, I changed my diet and made changes to my lifestyle. Two months later, my post-nasal drip was gone and I stopped taking my inhaler. It felt miraculous to cancel my appointment with my asthma doctor! As a bonus, my adult acne also completely cleared up and I lost ten pounds. I now feel stronger, more energetic, and less anxious. Through ayurveda, I actually healed myself. Because I feel so good, I can’t imagine stepping off this Ayurvedic path that Kimber helped me to find.


So, how does this work?

We will start by identifying your dosha (your unique mind/body type according to Ayurveda. This will unlock Ayurveda's individualized health recommendations. We will dig deep into your habits, your daily routine, and help you make small changes that will create a big impact on your health and your life. This could include diet, meal times, exercise, sleep, self-care, and more. Ayurveda is a one stop shop for all things health and wellness. And don't worry, these aren't Cosmo's quick tips. This is a 4,000 yr+ old science. It's stuck around for this long because of one simple reason- it works. 

And trust me, I've tried it all- acupuncture, naturopaths, crazy restrictive diets and cleanses, reiki, you name it. Ayurveda was the one thing that stuck. 

It may seem simple at first- "wait, all you want me to do is eat dinner earlier?" or "You want me to look at my tongue every morning?"

Ayurveda is like remembering all of this incredible wisdom about your body that you forgot by being raised in our society today. Some of the habits may be kind of counter culture (hello, enemas), but it's all common sense. Everything may start feeling like rules and lists, and every client tells me, without fail, that it ends up feeling like they can trust their body. They know what it needs now. They know how to listen to it. The science becomes less rigid and more internalized to you. 


We will layer in yoga, meditation, and fitness as we work towards your own unique health goals. This could look like personalized work out plans, private yoga session to help move stuck energy, or a deep dive into a meditative journey to help get back in touch with yourself. But don't get it twisted, all of this is deep level stuff. Asking you to do the hard work. These aren't the quick fixes you see in the clickbait on buzzfeed. 

Whether you are looking to establish a healthy routine, lose the weight, release inflammation, or lessen anxiety's grip on you, I'm here to tell you it's possible. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I was put on this green earth to remind you of what your body already knows- how to thrive. I'll scream it from the mountaintops if I have to- but I'm bringing everyone I can on this healing journey with me. I can't NOT share this with the world. 


Ready to take the first step? You don't have to commit yet. I'm not going to sell you on anything. I only take on clients that are HELL YES ready to work with me.

Book a 20 min discovery call and we can chat about how this all works. I want to answer your questions and leave you feeling empowered and excited. And if we both decide it's a match, we'll start your journey together!


1-on-1 works generally includes 1-2 sessions a week for 4-6 weeks. 

Packages range from $400-1000

This type of work is for folks who are really really ready to uplevel. They are ready to do what it takes to see the results. I will be here for support every step of the way. If you're looking for someone to give you a bunch of resources and information, totally nerd out on everything, and give you more information that you might necessarily need, I AM the coach for you. 🤓

But if you're looking for someone to do the work for you, I'm not the coach for you. If you're looking for someone who isn't going to hold you accountable, I'm not the coach for you. If you're looking to be a total skeptic of everything I present and not be willing to try the recommendations, I'm not the coach for you. 

I've got 3 spaces left for private clients this summer. Are you ready to finally understand your body, take control of your health, and quit just living with your symptoms?

1. How do I know this will work for me? 
Would you rather do a barrage of food sensitivity testing and be told you need to avoid gluten, dairy, nightshades, sugar, and tree nuts the rest of your life? 
Or would you rather repair your digestion so that your body can actually digest the foods you're consuming?
Would you rather keep taking your inhaler and over the counter allergy meds?

Or would you rather address the root cause of your nasal drip, heal it, and ditch your inhaler? 

2. What if I don't have a major disease or illness like your colitis? Will I still benefit?

That's like saying- well, all the wheels are still on my car, I don't need to go to the mechanic, right? 
Of COURSE you will still benefit. I find that most people honestly don't know how good they can feel. Energized, mentally clear, grounded, easeful, not stressed. 

3. Ayurveda seems like a long list of rules and do's/don'ts. That doesn't seem fun or easy to implement.
The first time you got behind the wheel of a car did you navigate Los Angeles highways? You've got to put the bumpers up on the bowling lanes to start. You have to understand the rules first before you know how to break them. The goal here is lifelong habits and understanding. The rules become less and less important as you become more in-tune with your body. You know what you need. 

4. I could just google all of this, why would I hire you?
Do you want to waste all your time experimenting? You're already exhausted and want answers. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. I've tried it all on my own body the last 10 years. I'll show you what works and doesn't work. Working with private clients has only given me more data points. We're going to get you straight to results.

5. What makes you different than other health coaches?
I'm actually the anti-coach health coach. I don't even like the word coach!
I'm going to be your biggest fan, but I'm not going to hold your hand. You have to be ready to do this work. I won't do it for you. But I'll give you all the tools, resources, and support you need to be successful and be so, so, invested in your success. 
If I know someone besides me who could serve you better, I'm going to refer you to them. 
I don't want you to need me forever. I want you to learn to trust and understand your own body so much that you are your own greatest resource.