Custom Yoga Offerings

Individualized yoga 

I offer private single and group classes outside of my regular teaching schedule at Weaverville Yoga

Why book a private?
You get a totally customized experience. you want to free up tight locked up shoulders? Then that's all we work on. You want to spend an hour breaking down sun salutations? You got it. Need help with meditation? Questions about a specific pose? I'm here for it.

I can  help you address imbalances in your body and energy. For example, if you are feeling low energy and depleted, or maybe constipated and retentive, afraid to let go, or maybe have an emotional experience you're having trouble digesting, we can center your session around the imbalance you'd like to address. 

What makes me different as a teacher?
In short- what yoga means to me. Yoga is not a workout (although that's a great benefit). I'm reverent of yoga because I view it as a sacred practice where the body can be the door to connecting with deeper parts of yourself- the divine. It's a spiritual practice, and I won't just teach the same Warrior Standing series you get in your weekly yoga classes. 

I obtained my 200 hr (basic) training from
Asheville Yoga Center in 2017. I completed
my 300 hr (advanced) training from AYC in 2021.
I've done loads of continuing education-
an apprenticeship and advanced studies
program with Vira Bhava Yoga- as well
as numerous workshops and online trainings. 
I think the best way to be a good teacher is to
always be a good student, first. 

Besides being a total nerd and eating up just about every training I have time for, I have been a dedicated practitioner for over 10 yrs. The difference is I live this stuff, it's not just something I teach for a couple hours a week. I've been my own experiment, I know how the poses feel in my body, and I know what can help when you need it most. 

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Have yoga mat- will travel!

No seriously, I will teach in some crazy places.
Contact me to discuss yoga at your place, or we can meet at a park or the Weaverville Yoga Studio. 

Great for yoga bachelorette parties in Asheville or bridal parties. Corporate wellness retreats and special events!

What's my yoga style?
Well it depends on what you need! In general, I teach a slower, flow based class. Warm-up, standing poses, balance, seated poses, longer holds, and then shavasana!
I can nerd out about alignment and love to give personalized cues and hands-on adjustments (only if you are comfortable with them, of course). My yoga always goes deep- it incorporates more than just the physical. If you're looking for a guide to the depths of what is possible in yoga, to see the true connection and power of the practice, I'd be honored to escort you. 

Does yoga help with _________?
If you have a particular ailment like neck pain, poor posture, or knee issues, get in touch and let's see if I'm the right fit for you. If it feels like I can effectively serve you, I'm happy to bring my knowledge and experience to those things that are in my wheelhouse. If what you're experiencing is out of my realm of expertise, then I will refer you to another practitioner who may be better suited to your needs.

Can I see a sample of your classes?
Check out my Youtube channel
Videos from Weaverville Yoga: 
Class on Agni- digestive fire
Balancing Pitta Dosha


Nuts & Bolts

Cost: Starts at $65/hr for 1-on-1 (discounts for packages)
and $15/per person for groups, $150 minimum
Location: Your home, a park, or Weaverville Yoga 
Lead time: Generally at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule likely with a 15 min phone call to discuss what exactly you're looking for
Gear: I have 3 full sets of props for you to borrow