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Ready to take control of your health & experience 

body integrity, thrive, and vibrancy?


Watch the 90 min full Ayurveda Basics Workshop
to harness the wisdom of personalized health & lifestyle guidance

Get the workshop for only $27

Does this sound like you?:

  • Feel like Western Medicine has let you down?

  • Want your lifestyle to live up to your yogic values?

  • Ready to get rid of the nagging symptoms you've just been living with?

  • Want to take control of your health and PREVENT imbalances?

Introduction to Ayurveda Workshop. Sister Science to Yoga. Offered by Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville, NC.

This workshop will help you:

  • Determine your dosha (Ayurveda's personality & body type quiz)

  • Optimize your digestion (the root of all health in Ayurveda)

  • Use Ayurveda as individualized, preventative medicine

  • Give you the energy, clarity, and physical ability to do the things you love

In this 90 min workshop we will cover:

  • An in-depth look at the doshas and determine yours!

  • How to know the difference between your dosha and your imbalance

  • How to balance when any of the 3 doshas get out of whack

  • Top 5 tips for stellar digestion

  • The daily routine of a yogi

Kimber Jones- yoga teacher and ayurvedic health coach who teaches the introduction to ayurveda workshop at Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville, NC

Plus- you'll also get these free BONUSES!

  • Companion PDF workbook

  • Dosha Cheat Sheet- list of all the qualities of the 3 doshas and how to balance them. 

  • Bonus video on "Doshas of the Mind" (ONLY available through this workshop- I don't teach this anywhere else!)

Get the workshop for only $27

Meet your guide- Kimber

Hi! I'm Kimber here. I hope you watched my story.

I created Moksha after studying yoga and ayurveda for 10 years.  I want YOU to have the same exceptional health journey that I had. 

Maybe you're a yoga student who wants more of the ancient wisdom. 

Maybe you're just fed up with Western doctors not being able to help you, when intuitively you know there's something off with your body. 

Maybe you've tried other health & wellness advice and just want some time tested, tried and true answers

Either way- I'm here to guide you on taking the first step to taking control of your health. 

My dream? For you to be the healthiest person you know. 

Kimber Jones- yoga teacher and ayurvedic health coach who teaches the introduction to ayurveda workshop at Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville, NC


How will I know this will work for me?

Ayurveda has been around for 4,000+ years. It's stuck around for a reason- because it works. This isn't the same regurgitated wellness tips you get from the health magazines.  The best part of Ayurveda is that it is individualized and preventative. No more putting a band-aid on symptoms. Now we prevent the causes of disease from ever occurring. It's a radical paradigm shift. 

   2. Can I watch it anytime?

Absolutely! After you purchase, you will get immediate access to the recorded workshop. You can watch at your leisure, and you will have lifetime access. 

   3. What if I'm not experiencing any major health issues- will I still benefit?

Most definitely! Ayurveda meets us where we are and allows us to increase our body integrity, thrive, and self-knowledge. There is always more to learn. You'll find that as you upgrade your lifestyle, you are able to do more in work, relationships, and play. You'll have more energy, clarity, and physical ability. 

   4. I thought Ayurveda was just a long list of rules?

If you're spending your time browsing the ancient texts, sure, ayurveda could easily come across this way. But that's why I've spent the last 10 years studying from the best modern ayurveda teachers- to be able to bring you this ancient wisdom in a way that is accessible and applicable to our busy modern life. 

   5. It all seems a little overwhelming, how am I going to fit this into my everyday life?

Sure, ayurveda can seem radical. But has what you've been doing been working? Could you keep trying the same things and get different results? And don't worry, you don't have to be an expert overnight. That's why we've created an intentional community to foster growth- we recognize that you can't do it alone. At Moksha, a big part of the teaching is habit science and behavioral physiology- we don't just tell you what you need to do to up-level your health- we tell you HOW to turn it into reality. 

Get the workshop for only $27

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