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What's your dosha, darling?

The first step to unlocking Ayurveda's individualized health recommendations

What are the Doshas?

Doshas are the three dominant energy types in Ayurveda. They are the building blocks of ourselves and the world around us. Most of us will be strongest in 1 or 2 of the doshas. Determining which dosha(s) you lead with is like taking a mind/body/personality test all at once. 


What's your Dosha- vata.png


What's your Dosha- pitta.png


What's your dosha- kapha.png

What's Included:

60 min video coaching call 

We will deep dive into all the characteristics of YOU to help determine which of the 3 doshas you lead with. This includes facial features, body structure, motivations, and ways you go out of balance to determine your unique constitution. It's like taking the body type/personality quiz and then someone walking you through the results!

Personalized Food List for Your Constitution and the Season

Based on your unique ratio of the 3 doshas, as well as the season of the year, you'll wak away with a personalized food list that will help to keep you balanced and on track to amazing health. Take the guess work out of cooking and "what foods are right for me"?

Dosha cheat sheet

Hard to keep track of what the different doshas are? I'll give you all the info in one organized, consolidated tip sheet! Stick it on the fridge and you won't have to remember the differences between the three doshas- easy reference

Investment: $85

What will I take away from this consult?

Ayurveda gives you the tools to understand your body and yourself. By understanding your unique ratio of the 3 doshas, it's like having a lot of "AHA" moments- "Ohhh, so that's why I am that way!" as well as practical, actionable tips for how to keep you in better balance. It's the first step in adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle that is easy, nourishing, and brings you into amazing health. 

Can't I just take a quiz online and find out my dosha?

You could. But you'd be missing out on the personalized and seasonal food list and in-depth explanation of how the doshas show up uniquely in YOU. You can call on my 10 years of study of this system to answer your burning questions or if you just plain don't understand something. 

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