Why ayurveda?

Kimber Jones- lead yoga teacher and ayurvedic health coach at Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville NC

A crushing diagnosis in 2011. Ulcerative colitis. 

I was told to expect a lifetime of:


-yearly colonoscopies

-eventually surgical removal of my colon

I decided to choose a different path. Watch the video to learn the full story ⬇️


Ayurveda can CAN end chronic illness, auto-immune disorders, and a lifetime of dis-ease.

I want to co-create true, vibrant health.

Let's be real for a minute..

the face behind the brand

Kimber Jones

Zone of genius - Teaching, compassion, being the excited nerdy one, writing killer workouts

Hi! I'm Kimber

Yup, just Kimber. Not Kimberly or Amber or Kim. 

At my soul, I'm a teacher. I was the kid at the zoo who would linger at every interpretive sign, learning everything. 

But I haven't always been a yogini. 🧘

Kimber Jones, founder of Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville, NC. Offering yoga, ayruveda, fitness, and sustainability
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Probably just like you, I fell in love with yoga and could't image my life without it. I was lucky to get trained as a yoga teacher in one of the best schools in the country- Asheville Yoga Center. 


I'm just a total nerd 🤓, totally grateful, and luckily blessed with the skills that allow me to be pretty darn good at teaching people about the things I care about. 


But let's back up a minute... 


After a bachelor's degree and some time teaching science, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2011. All of a sudden I couldn't spend all day playing in the woods with kids. Instead I was tied to the bathroom.


It. was. crushing. 


Through my yoga practice, I had heard of ayurveda. After years of study,it allowed me to totally overcome my diagnosis. I am now 100% totally symptom free. 


I wanted to scream from the mountaintops about how amazing this science is! 

So I founded Moksha.

to share it with you. 

Want to co-create health? I'd be honored to share your transformative health journey.