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Why Ayurveda?

Flashback to 2011.

I got the crushing diagnosis of Ulcerative colitis. 

It's like IBS, but worse. Chronic inflammation of the lining of my colon.

I was told to expect a lifetime of:


-yearly colonoscopies

-eventually surgical removal of my colon

I decided to choose a different path. Watch the video to learn the full story 

Hey! I'm glad you're here!

Kimber Jones

Zone of genius - Teaching, learning, being the excited nerdy one

Hi! I'm Kimber

Yup, just Kimber. Not Kimberly or Amber or Kim. 

If you're anything like me, you're looking for answers.

I hope my journey to wicked amazing health, vibrancy, and thrive inspires you to know there is another way. My story can be your story. 

Kimber Jones, founder of Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville, NC. Offering yoga, ayruveda, fitness, and sustainability

Ayurvedic Health Counselor from the Ayurvedic Institute 
200 hr Yoga Teacher Training from Asheville Yoga Center

300 hr Yoga Teacher Training from Asheville Yoga Center
Advanced Studies Program from Vira Bhava Yoga

Apprenticeship from Vira Bhava Yoga

I'm just a total nerd, totally grateful, and luckily blessed with the skills that allow me to be pretty darn good at teaching people about the things I care about.

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