Ready to uplevel your body, mind, and spirit?


COURSE NAME is for those of us tired of playing small, tired of not being as 'fit' or as 'healthy' as we know we can be, for those of us tired of being tired. If this is you, sounds like you are ready to experience a total turnaround and revolution of your health, thrive, and body integrity.

Feel like you don't have the time to research the right diet for your body type? To read the research on intermittent fasting? To know how your workouts can be most effective? 

Does your yoga practice feel stale? Or you ready to know how to deeply nourish your body? Ready to work WITH your body- to collaborate on what it actually wants so it can serve you best?

Yoga at Home

So what is COURSE NAME?

This course is a year long journey based in the healing principles of:





We will get you tuned in to what really nourishes you and how you can be the powerhouse you are meant to be. 

The best part? You will be on this journey will a small group of like minded humans. We hold each other to HIGH ASS STANDARDS and understand that to evolve, we need the community, support, and accountability of others. 


Asana practice, meditation, pranayama, and ancient yogic philosophy to carry your practice off the mat and into your everyday life


The ancient Vedic sister science of Yoga. A totally personalized health and wellness lifestyle system focused in our digestion as the root of all health


Not a one-size fits all approach- we will use your ayurvedic constitution to determine how to make the most balanced and effective exercise plan for you


Yoga and ayurveda remind us how connected we are to the earth. We will dive deep into how to care for the mother that cares for us

What's included in COURSE NAME


1-on-1 Coaching with Kimber

  • Initial Ayurveda Constitution Quiz - What are your diet and lifestyle patterns? 

  • Monthly 60 min Coaching Session

Group Coaching

  • Bi-Weekly 60 min Coaching Calls with Kimber

  • Weekly 20-40 min Teaching Videos

  • Weekly Wisdom Emails with 3-4 Supporting Resources: seasonal recipes, articles, videos, podcasts


  • Yoga and Fitness Classes via zoom

  • Pre-programmed workouts 

In-person events

  •  Monthly meet-ups with guest teachers


  • Workbook in printable pdf

  • Private Online Resource Hub: course content, yoga videos, recipes, book lists

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group


Event Discount

  • 50% off bi-annual yoga and meditation retreat



  • Welcome package in the mail

  • 4 Free guest passes to yoga/fitness classes


Does this sound like you?

‣You feel stuck, but you love to learn

‣You don't know where to start with getting really healthy, but you have a huge desire to do so!


‣Your day to day actions don't line up with what you truly value


‣You want to be the healthiest person you know


‣You want to be surrounded by people that push you, encourage you, and share your struggle

Meditating in Mountains

What you need to thrive:

‣A strong desire to see improvements and willingness to put in the work


‣Being comfortable in the unknown and in the messy growth phases


‣A curiosity and willingness to put your own expertise aside


‣Be willing to wholeheartedly show up, exactly as you are

‣Ability to contribute to a positive community

2021 Course Outline

Tropical Leaves


January- Finding our Fitness

Learning how to make our work outs work for us

Guest teacher: Illysa Hamlin- hip hop fitness

February- Back to basics: Yoga

Rediscovering our yoga practice and focus on alignment

Guest teacher: Yoga teacher Joe Taft

March-Diggin' Deep: Self-Work

Personality assessments such as enneagram and DISC

Guest teacher: TBA

April- Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse

Learning how to detox and reset with the change of season

Guest teacher: TBA

What will I get out of this? Why should I invest in a year long course for this?

★ Finally nail that daily routine you've been dreaming of that nourishes your body and gives you optimal health, energy, and clarity

★ Uplevel your yoga practice in a way that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit in a way they don't teach you in yoga class

★ Learn the ancient wisdom of ayurveda to prevent illness and get rid of all those annoying little symptoms

★ Grown into the best, brightest, most integrated version of you. These are the tools for you to step into your potential and finally be your best self!

We do this work together. By the nature of a dynamic group, the momentum of each individual evolving into the next version of themselves pulls the rest of the group along with them. Learn how to developing deep, lasting, authentic connection. 

Where else can you find all of this ancient wisdom collected into one mind-blowingly transformative experience? All taught from the basis of ayurveda- the individualized wellness science. This means you can skip the BS and experimentation and know what works for you. 

By being led by Kimber who has spent the last 10 years dedicating herself to these practices, you get the shortcut to access all of the ancient knowledge. She went from an auto-immune chronic disease diagnosis to being the healthiest person she knows, and you can, too.

Get to know Kimber

Get to know Kimber

Get to know Kimber

Get to know Kimber

Get to know Kimber

Get to know Kimber

After being diagnosed with a seriously debilitating auto-immune disorder at age 21, I spent the last 10 years dedicated herself to being a student of yoga, ayurveda, and alternative healing. I am now 100% symptom free and most days even forgets I 'have' this disease.


I received her 200hr yoga teacher training from Asheville Yoga Center. I am currently working on her 300 hr advanced studies training through AYC, and Vira Bhava Yoga's Advanced Studies Course. I have a personal trainer certification from the National Council on Strength and Fitness. I have been a student of  ayurveda through Cate Stillman's since my diagnosis. 


Certifications aside, I grew up just outside New Orleans (Who Dat!) and spent 4 years in Wyoming after college graduation before moving to NC. I love spending time outside in the mountains of Asheville with my dog and partner, riding horses, and dancing. 


I'd like to think I'm the perfect blend of no-nonsense get stuff done, with empathetic, caring, big-heartedness. I'm hear to nurture your growth, and to help you get out of your own way. 


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Ready to find out if this journey is right for you?