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Moksha Yoga & Wellness

Healing your chronic, misunderstood, and "untreatable" conditions so you can feel connected, healthy, and thriving in your body


∙ Yoga ∙ Ayurveda ∙ Fitness ∙ Meditation ∙

📍 Asheville, NC & surrounding mountains

How will you help me thrive?

 I want you to be the healthiest person you know. That's it. 
And I know Ayurveda can get you there.


Ayurveda is holistic, totally individualized, preventative, and digestion based

 health and lifestyle science.

After a crushing auto-immune diagnosis in 2011, I tried EVERYTHING to heal. Ayurveda was the one thing that stuck. Thanks to this ancient wisdom, my ulcerative colitis has been in total remission for the last 6 years. 


My healing story can be your story, too. 

Learn more about Kimber.

Kimber Jones- founder and lead yoga teacher and ayurvedic health coach of Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville, NC
Kimber Jones- yoga teacher and ayurvedic health coach at Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville NC
Ayurveda can help improve digestion, decrease fatigue, increase energy, detoxify the body, cure chronic illness, improve weight loss, and decrease stress
Skin  Conditions

Acne, rashes, eczema? There is a way to feel better from the inside, not just treat from the outside. 

Fatigue/Sleep Issues

Want more energy to do the things you love? You CAN fall asleep with ease and sleep through the night uninterrupted


Tired of bloating and gas? Chronically constipated? Acid reflux and indegestion?

Allergies and Seasonal Changes

Just because seasonal allergies are common doesn't mean that they are normal! Spring sneezing, congestion, and drip are optional. 


Addressed holistically. You are more than your symptoms. 


You don't have to "just live with them". Relief is possible. Suffering is optional. 

Practice Yoga with me!

Tuesday  5pm Ayurveda Flow at Alchemy Yoga

Thursday at Mars Hill Yoga Barn

9am Vinyasa Flow

Friday at West Asheville Yoga

8am Ayurveda Flow

Saturday at Mars Hill Yoga Barn

9am Ayurveda Flow

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