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Take your yoga practice off the mat with the holistic lifestyle science of ayurveda


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📍 Asheville, NC and surrounding mountains

How will you help me thrive?

 Moksha brings you into thrive and body integrity through yoga, ayurveda, and personalized fitness. We want you to be the healthiest person you know.


Ayurveda is an ancient, totally individualized, prevention and digestion based

 health and lifestyle science.

We offer workshops, retreats, and online courses to accelerate your path of healing with ancient wisdom, and live community support.

Our students don't come to yoga for their workout, they come to connect to something larger than themselves.

Although, don't worry, we will work up a sweat and get that fitness done, too! We care about the environment, and we know our thrive is connected to the thrive of the planet.

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Kimber Jones- founder and lead yoga teacher and ayurvedic health coach of Moksha Yoga & Wellness in Asheville, NC

What can ayurveda do for me?

Ayurveda can help improve digestion, decrease fatigue, increase energy, detoxify the body, cure chronic illness, improve weight loss, and decrease stress

- Sister Science to Yoga in Ancient India

-Individualized Medicine

-Your lifestyle leads to health

-Preventative instead of just masking symptoms


Want more energy to do the things you love? Fewer mood swings? Better, more consistent sleep?


Tired of bloating and gas? Have you been chronically constipated?

Chronic Illness

Auto-immune disorders be damned. Ayurveda addresses the ROOT causes of disease. You can heal yourself. 

Weight Loss

HOW you eat can be as beneficial as WHAT you eat 


Ready to feel empowered to handle the day and all that comes with it with ease?

Practice with us- upcoming events

Ayurveda Winter Workshop with FulFlow Yoga

Details TBA

Ayurveda 101: Tips for Staying Balanced in Winter with Yoga and Massage

Details TBA

Weekly Classes:

Wednesdays at 9am- Ayurveda Flow at Weaverville Yoga

Thursdays at 9am- Grateful Flow at FulFlow Yoga

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