So what's moksha?

Moksha is freedom. It is liberation. It is union with the divine. 

When we forget about our possessions, our profession, and even our duty, we can connect with something more. Something larger than ourselves. 


This is accessible in any moment. Any moment can be a moksha moment. At Moksha Yoga & Wellness, we want to give you the tools and create the space for you to remember how to access these moments. 


What was our path to ayurveda?

A crushing diagnosis in 2011. Ulcerative colitis. 

A lifetime of:


-yearly colonoscopies

-eventually surgical removal of my colon

I decided to choose a different path. Watch the video to learn the full story.


Ayurveda can CAN end chronic illness, auto-immune disorders, and a lifetime of dis-ease. 

Meet The Team

Zone of genius:
Teaching, being the excited nerdy one, writing workouts
Zone of genius:
Beginner yoga, deep belly laughs, story telling
Zone of genius:
All the details, video work, snuggles

Kimber Jones

Founder, Leader, Teacher

Kimber was introduced to yoga and ayurveda in 2011 after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Since 2018, she is completely off of all pharmaceuticals and totally symptom free. Her ayurvedic lifestyle is full of rhythm, ease, and continual growth. She hopes to share this knowledge with her students and connect them to the ancient sciences in a modern and meaningful way. She completed her 200 hr teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center. She relishes in the mind body connection and yoking of opposites yoga provides. She also completed a NCSF personal training certification. She is working towards an Ayurvedic wellness counselor certification and her 500 hr RYT certification through Asheville Yoga Center. She practices meditation daily in the vipassana tradition.


Kat Henderson

Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader

Kat discovered yoga after recovering from two wrist injuries from competitive gymnastics. Kat searched for an activity that incorporated both strength and flexibility with more intentional body care. Kat fell in love with yoga’s ability to incorporate this awareness and provide a practice available to anyone regardless of their limitations. Kat completed a 200-hour Hatha Flow teacher training in Austin, Texas from Yoga Yoga in 2015. Since then, she has taught in different settings including gyms, studios, hotels, and mental health facilities. Kat’s passion for yoga and movement led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina. She hopes to integrate yogic principles in her treatment sessions, specifically strategies to aid in anxiety and stress reduction. 

Jeremiah Takacs

AV Specialist, Mindset Coach

Bio coming soon!